Sandwich Bar

Sal-mon Bagel-mon

Smoked salmon & cream cheese on a freshly baked bagel, served with fries 7.50


Signature Club Sandwich

Baby lettuce leaves, signature dressing, chicken breast, organic tomatoes, smoky bacon, french comie cheese, served with fries 7


Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Baby lettuce leaves, chicken breast, caesar dressing, smoky bacon, matured Italian cheese, served with fries 6.50


Italian Proscuitto

Prosciutto, mature Italian cheese, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, served with fries  6.50


Italian Veggie Sandwich

Homemade pesto, whole leaf basil, Italian mozzarella, sliced tomatoes, served with fries 6

Kids Favourites

Signature Fish Fingers 

Four fish fingers, carrot & cucumber sticks, served with traditional fries 6

Signature Chicken Nuggets 

Four chicken nuggets, carrot & cucumber sticks, served with traditional fries 6

Pizza Margherita 

Pizza margherita, carrot & cucumber sticks, served with traditional fries 6

Pasta Al Pomodoro 

Penne pasta, home-made pomodoro sauce, parmesan cheese 5.50

Cheesy Toast

Cheese toast, served with traditional fries 6

Ham & Cheese Toast 

Ham & Cheese toast served with traditional fries 6

Soft Drinks
Hot Drinks


Fruit Shoot 




£1.00 / £1.50

Flat White 


Caffe Latte 

Caffe Americano

Caffe Mocha 



Ice Coffee

Hot Chocolate













Fries 3

Wedges 3 

Carrot & Cucumber Sticks 3